Tips & drills

Tennis tips & drills

If we’re going to talk “Technique” lets first clarify what that is. Lot’s of players and coaches confuse technique with “style”. Many juniors and club players try to simulate what they see their favourite players do on TV, wanting their backhand to “look like” Roger Federers’ or have a forehand just like Raphael Nadal.

My first tip is to try and not to look at the end product, you will see everything and nothing all at once. Break the shot down into 3 simple parts. Any world class coach will tell you that technique consists of three areas:

  • Racket Work (Racket rhythm, path, angle, speed)
  • Body Work (Angular and liner momentum, linkage of body segments)
  • Footwork (Impulse step, movement to the ball, at the ball, back from the ball)

In-between developing our coaching programmes and training plans here, I'll be sharing things I've learned from my playing career that you can use to improve your game. Check back regularly for more tips and drills!