Mini Tennis

Mini Tennis coaching is the ideal way for 5-10 year olds to discover the game and improve their skills.

We follow the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) guidelines for children's tennis development, and have a lot of fun on court as well! It's a great way for children to make friends, enjoy exercising and spend time outdoors.

Mini red coaching

Red Racers5-8 year olds

For players aged 8 and under: small courts, short rackets and soft balls. Just like the real game, allows young players to have long rallies and play different types of shots.

Mini orange coaching

Orange Squashers8-9 year olds

A great way for players to progress from Mini Reds tennis: slightly larger rackets, soft balls and courts mid-sized courts. Enables players to develop a rounded game, learning a range of techniques and tactics.

Mini green coaching

Green Giants9-10 year olds

The next step up from Mini Orange: Full size courts, bigger rackets and balls slightly softer than full compression yellow. The last step before the full, fast game, helps players physically develop and improve all technical aspects.

Mini tennis coaching is one of the best ways to introduce children to tennis. Progressive technical steps and insightful coaching gives great confidence and quick improvements. Technical achievements and tennis instincts can then be taken into the full game, enabling a formidable head start.

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How much does it cost?

Between £6 and £9 per session depending on the venue.

Groups normally run during term-time, and we recommend attending for whole or half-terms to get the most out of the programme.

Our coaches work hard to create a friendly, welcoming and appropriately competitive atmosphere through the term.

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What kit do I need?

The most important pieces of equipment in mini tennis are the colour balls and smaller nets - but don't worry, we've got these covered for all of our sessions!

  • Children should use the correct size racket for their age or physical size, as this is important for learning good technique. We suggest 19" - 23" for mini reds, 23" for mini orange and 25" for mini greens.
  • Water bottles are very important. Minis work hard during the coaching sessions and need plenty of water to keep going!
  • Make sure your child has trainers which are appropriate for the surface they will be playing on, and that there is enough grip and support to help balance and avoid skidding.
Venues and upcoming sessions

Mini tennis coaching takes place during school terms, or as a part of our tennis camps during the school holidays.

We have a wide range of venues throughout Surrey, Oxfordshire, Herts, Bucks and London, and are fortunate to work in many private schools and sports centres offering top-class facilities and a safe environment.

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Holiday camps for minis

Mini tennis is a key focus of our tennis camps, which run from 10am - 4pm during school holidays and typically last for 3-5 days (early drop off from 8.30am and late pick up until 5.30pm is also available).

Campers receive age and level-appropriate coaching and drills each day, focusing on different aspects of the game as the week goes on.

All players are also split into multi-age teams for an end-of-camp 'Davis Cup' tournament.

We have a lot of fun on Premier Tennis camps, and would love to see you there!

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