Junior Tennis

Play like a pro!

Junior tennis coaching uses full-size courts and the classic yellow tennis balls you see zipping through the air at Wimbledon and tennis tournaments around the world.

Aimed at players who are physically or technically able to learn at the full pace of a real tennis match, our Junior Tennis programme is an exciting stage where players begin to develop noticeable skill and tactical awareness.

It is a natural progression for those who have attended Mini Tennis coaching programmes, but can also be a friendly and fun introduction to the sport for those who haven't had a chance to pick up a racket yet.

How much does it cost?

Between £5 and £10 per session.

Coaching price varies depending on the venue, type of session, and whether any special offers apply. Please refer to the venue or upcoming sessions list to check in more detail.

What kit do I need?
  • From age 11, we recommend using a 26" inch racket or larger, depending on your child's physical build. This will help them keep pace with the faster game on a normal-sized court, giving greater control and power over their shots and a larger reach.
  • Trainers with a decent grip are also recommended, as players will often need to quickly change direction, manage their pace, and stretch to receive balls. Poor grip can lead to slips, over-extensions and less balance when hitting the ball.
  • For those players who are looking to play more than once a week and may also be competing in tournaments, we recommend that specific tennis shoes are worn. These offer greater support and stability under duress of sustained multi-directional use.


Venues and upcoming sessions

Weekly junior tennis sessions are run at some of our partner clubs and schools, and also features in our holiday tennis camps.

We take great care to match players based on their ability. Experienced players will be challenged, and new players will be able to learn at a suitable pace alongside others.

Top-class venues are in London, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Herts and Bucks; take a look at the full list to see which is nearest to you.

Take a look at all upcoming junior tennis sessions as part of camps or term time coaching

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Holiday camps

Junior tennis coaching is a big part of our holiday camp programme.

With drills, exercises, matches and personal challenges throughout the day, players improve rapidly and make new friends at the same time!

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