Whether you haven’t picked up a racket in years or you’re in the first team of your club – Premier Tennis has a coaching programme that’s right for you!

Tennis coaching is a great way to stay in shape, enjoy competing and develop new skills and tactical awareness. It is our mission to show everyone how tennis can be a rewarding part of their life.

Our adult coaching comes in several different shapes and sizes. Group Coaching, Doubles Training, Rusty Rackets and Improvers are all ways for adults of any age and standard to step on court and keep learning.

Read below for more details about each of these coaching types, and see which one suits you best.

Group coaching

Group sessions are a great way to develop skills playing with and against others of a similar standard.

LTA -qualified coaches bring the whole group together, also giving time to each player. Individual goals and targets are set to help everyone improve.

Many of our players have developed a real love for tennis through group coaching, meeting other like-minded people and finding an easy way to stay active during the week.

Some of our older players even claim it has given them a new lease of life!

Doubles training

Ever wanted to improve your doubles skills or learn how to position and move with another player on the court? This is the session for you!

Players in these groups love to exercise their competitive muscles, and get a thrill out of improving their performance (and victory tally...) in a friendly and familiar group.

Pricing is the same as group coaching.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to coach two Wimbledon Champions and partner a third. It has always been my philosophy that club and recreational players can utilise the same tactical awareness as the pros, and therefore develop the skills needed to execute these 'plays' more effectively.”

- James Auckland, Director of Tennis and former British Doubles No.1

'Rusty Rackets'

Rusty Rackets is becoming a staple group at tennis clubs and leisure centers around the country. Ideal for players who have, for one reason or another, just not managed to keep up their game, and are worried their killer court instincts might have dulled a bit.

Designed to help players re-discover their head for the game and instinctive muscle memory, it is great for older players who want to make tennis an active and enjoyable part of their life again.

'Rusty Rackets' takes place at several of our coaching venues, and the pricing is the same as group or doubles coaching.

What kit do I need?

All adult coaching groups use full-size courts. Premier Tennis can provide free use of full-size rackets on request.

  • Generally, we recommend a racket grip size between size 3 and 4 5/8" for adults.
  • Racket head sizes vary between 85 square inches up to a huge 130 square inches. As a basic rule:
    • Small racket head sizes (85-90) have more control and less power.
    • Medium racket head sizes (95-98) have an all-round capability.
    • Large racket sizes (100+) have more power but less control. Suitable for players with joint and muscle problems who aren't able to generate as much racket speed.
  • Choose your shoes based on the court surface for your session.
  • If you are playing at a club, make sure to check whether there are any clothing regulations for using their courts. If there are no regulations, wear something that will be comfortable for lots of movement, and provides suitable aeration for exercise. Tennis whites are not a necessity!
  • Remember to bring a water bottle, and perhaps an energy snack if you are playing a longer session.
How much does it cost?

All varieties of Adult coaching cost between £5 and £10 per session depending on the venue.

Every programme is designed so that players improve and develop good habits gradually over a number of sessions. We recommend booking whole terms or half terms to get the most out of your coaching group.

Adult coaching venues

Adult sessions take place throughout the week at various venues, often in the evenings for those who want to grab a bit of exercise and training after work.

Currently our adult coaching programmes take place at selected partner clubs and public parks in Oxford & Witney (please see the section below for Oxford & Witney adult coaching).

View all upcoming adult coaching sessions on our programme list

Partner Clubs:

Merrow LTC, Surrey

Raynes Park Residents LTC, Surrey