Benefits of tennis

There are many benefits to being part of a Premier Tennis coaching programme. Here we list a few which we believe make us different and better than others:

  • We prioritise the safe care of our players: our coaches are CRB/DBS checked, we guarantee onsite first aid knowledge, and use age-appropriate equipment to avoid injury and promote enjoyment.
  • We ensure high quality teaching: our coaches have recognised qualifications, and are trained in the latest technical drills as well as the interpersonal skills to encourage children on and off court; we restrict the number of players to a maximum of 8 per coach to ensure sufficient individual attention.
  • We make tennis fun for all: our coaching and camps are for children of all ages and abilities; we champion learning with a smile, and celebrate achievement with prizes and certificates with many of our junior programmes.
  • We focus on boosting the confidence of our tots and junior players: we design our programmes so that players have time to make real progress, and use positive reinforcement techniques to encourage them every step of the way.
  • We enable healthy exercise and social interaction: we know that shared experiences bring people closer, strengthen friendships and foster new ones; the duration of a Premier Tennis camp for example allows this to happen in the context of outdoor exercise and play, away from sofas and screens.
  • We teach the values of teamwork: while tennis is essentially an individual sport, we incorporate opportunities to create a team atmosphere, whether that is in ‘Davis Cup’ style competition or in other drills that promote teamwork.
  • We advocate hard work and self-control: besides the simple fun of it, the personal and technical demands of tennis install discipline, which we deliberately reinforce; we act to address any disruptive behaviour (on or off court) for the benefit of all.
  • We aim to inspire: we are fortunate to base many of our sessions in several beautiful venues with superb facilities which, combined with the enthusiasm of our coaching team, provide the ideal setting for days full of perspiration and inspiration!

In summary, there are numerous transferable skills and positive personality traits that can be developed through tennis: agility, balance, co-ordination, social skills, team work, self- control, tactical thinking, confidence, determination, and more. At Premier Tennis we create drills and court situations to test these skills, and allow them to flourish in a fun environment.